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We shear our ewes in April or May depending upon the weather and then sell of the fleeces as opportunities arise. Sadly there is no money to be made in wool so any income derived from the fleeces simply goes to offset the cost of shearing. The Portland fleece is quite special though and supposedly sought after by hand spinners.

Lambs wool fleeces

We sell one or two lambs wool fleeces from the previous year's lambs: that is around 17 months of fresh wool. We skirt the fleeces and remove any debris or foliage.

Lambs wool fleeces are sold for £4 per kg plus postage and packing. Each fleece weighs between 2 and 3 kg. If you're interested let us know.

Spun wool

For an experiment we're getting fleeces spun into yarn. These will be then woven and made into throws, scarves and cushions. This is so that we can see the whole process through end to end and so that we can try out the end product itself - if you are interested in any of these please contact us.

Pure Portland woolen throws are priced at £120 each.


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