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Pedigree Portland Sheep

Welcome to the home of The Whittlewood Flock. Located on the edge of Whittlewood Forest in the county of Northamptonshire. This is a beautiful rural and mainly unspoilt area with various farming and rural businesses.

We keep purebred Portland sheep for breeding, meat and wool.


Rams for sale

We have a proven 3 year old and a prize winning 18 month old for sale. For details click here.


Portland Breeders - wool

If you only have a handful of sheep to shear each year then you may be interested in joining other breeders to obtain a breed discount for wool process. If this might be an option for you then please contact me using the enquiries form.

Portland are categorised as 'At Risk' in the RBST's 'Breeds At Risk' register. This was one of our main motivations for keeping them in that we could do something positive to help, albeit in a tiny way, to help preserve the genes of this rare breed.

  Ram and Wether    

The other motivations for keeping them were: they are a smaller breed and therefore perhaps easier to handle (by our children); they typically only produce a single lamb and therefore might be easier at lambing time; and finally because they're great looking sheep!

The single lamb does mean that they are far from commercial. The maths mean your output is less than half that of most other sheep and therefore your sales will be 50% less. It also means that there might be a niche market for the Portland. Let's see.

  Mum and lamb at 2 days    

Our aims are therefore to:

  • increase the UK population of breeding Portland ewes
  • provide increased geographic coverage for the Portland breed in case of disease outbreak
  • have some fun!

From time to time we cross our Portland ewes with a South Down ram to produce lambs for market. These are sightly larger that the purebred Portlands and provide a good alternative.


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